In this ever-changing environment it is the ability of the individuals within the organizations to learn and develop their skills that will determine their ongoing success. For the learning to be as effective as possible it must meet with the business objectives of the individual organization.

TCS has been offering a wide range of successfully delivered training programs for over 10 years and remain fully committed to delivering quality training, using highly qualified instructors with extensive hands-on experience in the field of Oil & Gas and Power Generation. All courses are offered with theoretical and practical training.

As an affiliate of TCS, TCS Digital offers a wide range of training courses for the following:

  • Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical plants.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Power Generation (Gas turbines, Steam turbines, Generators and their associated control systems).
  • Renewable Energy (wind turbines and their associated subsystems)

In all training courses offered by TCS and TCS Digital, all attendees are encouraged to actively participate and interact with their peers and their instructor, as well as encouraged to bring their real plant issues to the class, allowing the instructor to meet not only the needs of the group as a whole but to address individual requirements.

Technical Training