IIOT in Power Indutry


The IIoT is rapidly being developed across a wide range of equipment and infrastructure, especially power plants. Big data and predictive analytics—for subsystems and across the larger power plant systems—are yielding significantly improved power plants.

As a result, the big-picture enterprise system of systems—traditional systems engineering combined with the enterprise activities of strategic planning and financial analysis—and the delivery of electricity to power society are rapidly improving. Operators and equipment are being better utilized, and improved profitability is enabling the twin power trend to self-reinforce and accelerate. Those who quickly recognize what is happening in this arena will reap early and increasing rewards.

Historically, power companies have remained technologically mature and profitable due to the stability and entry barriers of the industry’s regulation.

Nonetheless, today’s regulations are changing with environmental pressure and liberalization of energy markets that are posing challenges to established power producers:

  • Improve production efficiency across upstream assets
  • Consolidate asset related information into a common system
Power industry
Closing the loop

The digital power plant of the future closes the loop between data and action.It is not enough to simply collect and analyze system data; the data has to be turned into actionable information to improve plant performance. Only by closing the loop with an action is then value created.

Closing the loop does not only apply to devices and machines, it applies to people and service as well. Bringing them together – people, plant and production process – unlocks new opportunities to reduce downtime, improve energy and equipment efficiency, lower maintenance effort and improve productivity.

GE APM in Power Industry

GE APM meets the demanding needs helping customers to:

  • Identify, manage and correct underperforming assets
  • Minimize availability risk and unplanned downtime
  • Optimize capital investment on aging equipment
  • Maximize and manage knowledge worker effectiveness and efficiency

Power References and Customer Stories


Improvement in Energy Efficienty Using APM