Oil and Gas and Power generation are industries characterized by being asset-centric with long-term and massive capex investment, where efficiency through mechanical breakthroughs is reaching a cap and where the energy market entails a tough and stiff competition with tight margins and low return.

Improving efficiency, productivity and operations in a refinery or a gas processing plant can be achieved by capturing data and performing deep analysis of that data through a pre-packaged digital solution on renowned OEM platforms. The optimization of an increasingly complex oil and gas operations is more critical than ever before. By combing real-time and long-term planning data with our OT expertise, predictive analytics can drive more informed, data-driven decision-making, decrease cost, better allocate valuable resources and increase profitability.
Given all the macroeconomic pressures facing the industry right now, upstream O&G companies want and need to improve production efficiency across their equipment assets.

This is one of the key business outcomes, and the levers we’ve identified to help drive this goal are:

  1. The ability to quickly identify poorly performing wells
  2. To increase field worker productivity
  3. Efficiently manage rapidly growing well production data
  4. Prevent unplanned downtime

APM in Oil&Gas

There are a number of barriers such as islands of disparate data or time-based maintenance approaches/strategies that have prevented companies from resolving these issues on their own. GE APM is uniquely positioned to address these areas.

Oil&Gas References and Customer Stories

Operators Rounds Improves Asset Performance and reduces Unplanned Outages

Collaborative Strategy Optimizing APM