Digital Substation


TCS Digital offers a wide range of services and solutions for a modern and efficient substation. This ranges from selecting the right protective relaying systems to the commissioning of power system equipment. We can engineer the protection schemes for new or upgrade an existing power system.

Our protection engineers will analyze your power system and perform all of the engineering needed in determining the best strategy for protecting your power system and specifying the equipment needed for performing this task.


Digital Substation

Generation, Transmission and Distribution Substations are an integral component of power grids. They connect grids different voltages, and their controlling and coordinating function is vitally important to the stability of the overall system. Built on the IEC 61850 standards, the digital substation offered by TCS Digital ensures highest reliability, efficiency and performance. 

Power industry

Advantages of digital substations

  • Improved safety, i.e. reduce risk.
  • Improved reliability and availability
  • Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
  • Reduced footprint by at least half of the used space
  • Information availability
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs
  • Save on cabling by up to 80 %

Substation Equipment

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear.
  • Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers.
  • Disconnectors (Switches).
  • Instrument Transformers.
  • Surge Arresters


TCS Digital Protection skilled specialists can perform study and analysis of your power system application and program the protection relays to operate optimally on any power system events. Protection relays can programmed and tested to operate precisely upon power system faults.

System Design


  • Power System protection schemes coordination analysis study.
  • Selection of most suitable Relay for your application.
  • Primary and Backup relaying option.
  • Optimum protective function selection.
  • Reliability and redundancy study


Design and testing


  • AC/DC schematics generation.
  • Generation of wiring diagrams.
  • I/O assignment & specifications.
  • Control logic development.
  • Settings calculations.
  • Supervision logic design & programming.
  • Dynamic testing.
  • Generation of complete system documents and testing reports

Installation & commissioning services

  • Verification of relay/panel wiring.
  • Verification of proper CT & VT wiring & connections.
  • Test breaker functions.
  • Secondary current and voltage injection.
  • Functional testing & loop checks of all equipment.
  • Verification of communication interfaces and protocols.
  • Fault simulation to verify breaker operation.

Field Services

  • Relay system troubleshooting.
  • Analysis of event/waveform captures.
  • Relay hardware and software upgrades.
  • Customized training built on customer’s application.