Today there is a consensus among almost all players in the aviation industry that digital transformation is a must and leveraging data adopting new business model is a key aspect to stay relevant and meet the increasing expectations of customers and regulators.

Big data has become a key element in the new strategy of aviation stakeholders, nonetheless, the sheer amount of data generated poses a tremendous challenge for those companies on how to turn it into valuable insights that drive well-informed decisions and strategic actions.

Particularly, fleet maintenance is a critical variable to consider for aircraft operators, some of the challenges faced are:

  • Data collection and aggregation that comes from disparate sources and mixed types.
  • Anticipating maintenance issues before they occur.
  • How to better design and prioritize maintenance plans based on data available and considering risk and criticality of assets.

APM in Aviation

GE Aviation Asset Performance Management helps customers overcome the aforementioned challenges through operation and data management reducing maintenance cost and risk and increasing asset availability.

Integrated Data And Insights – Collection, cleansing and aggregation of data for real time asset health monitoring across fleet.

Predictive Analytics – Aviation specific analytics customizable packages for predictive maintenance issues.

Actionable and Operational Recommendations – Data driven trend and root cause analysis for maintenance recommendations. Enables policy and alert management.