Many challenges arise when Wind Farm operators decide to run safer and more reliable while helping to ensure optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost

  • Collect, analyze, and visualize the data that is crucial to your assets’ health—all in one place
  • Prioritize your work by determining which assets are most critical to the overall health of your operation
  • Understand the true status of each asset
  • Predict equipment and process issues with greater accuracy before they occur
  • Assure mechanical integrity of your assets and compliance with regulations
  • Learn from continuous, real-time analysis and visibility to understand the options for mitigating potential problems while balancing associated costs, risks, and benefits
  • Define and manage asset strategies with a risk-based approach for improved planning and efficiency
Wind Energy

 APM in Wind Farms

Digital Wind Asset Performance Management (APM) from GE Renewable Energy helps asset-centric organizations drive safer and more reliable operations while facilitating optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost by enabling intelligent asset strategies.