Digital Hydropower Plant offerings help to deliver a full view of your enterprise with data consolidation and translation. This digital control allows you to take action by turning data from your renewable energy technology into insights through advanced analytics and recommendations—enabling smarter operational teams that keep your fleet running its best.

APM in Hydropower

Increase the efficiency of your hydroelectric energy with Digital Hydro APM software. GE APM suite helps asset-centric hydropower plants drive safer and more reliable operations while facilitating enhanced performance at a lower sustainable cost by enabling intelligent asset strategies. APM’s holistic and risk-based intelligent asset strategies balance performance and cost by considering design, operational procedures, and maintenance plans for all assets.

With APM, you get an enterprise-wide view of the impact of hydropower plant condition monitoring activities to help you make the best decisions. APM provides best-practice work processes for reliability engineering, maintenance analysis, and environment health and safety (EH&S), as well as the capabilities of equipment data capture, integration, and hydropower modeling, along with both predictive and diagnostic analytics. APM includes software, services, and business process support.

Asset Strategy Optimization (ASO) uses a risk-based approach to conduct rigorous analysis of assets and systems to identify potential failures and their causes, reducing unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance activities.

Other benefits of choosing Digital Hydro APM software with ASO:

  • Reduction in hydropower maintenance costs
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime and increased hydro plant availability
  • Reduction in asset-related incidents, protecting the health and safety of employees